Probate and Estate Planning

Preparation for the unknown and ensuring that your loved ones our cared for is important in today’s world. That is why Alvarez de Bennett Law offers comprehensive services to clients who have need for representation in cases involving Probate, Wills/Testaments, and Estate Planning.

We advise clients in the following areas:

  • Last Will & Testaments
  • Living Will
  • Establish Guardianships so that loved ones will be taken care of in case of an emergency
  • Probate (administration of the estate of a loved one with or without a will)
  • Power of Attorney & Durable Power of Attorney
  • Creating a Revocable Trust (setting up designees & limitations & to avoid costly probate)

If you would like more information on the services we offer on probate matters, please send an email or call us at 405-232-2749 (Oklahoma City) or 918-949-4499 (Tulsa) to discuss your questions.