Court room

Alvarez de Bennett Law attorneys are licensed with the Federal District Courts in Oklahoma as well as the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals and the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals. For clients that have cases in one of the other Circuit Court of Appeals, our attorneys can register for admission and representation for an appeal in the same. We also file administrative appeals to the Board of Immigration Appeals for denial of relief in deportation/removal cases and to the Administrative Appeals Unit for denial of petitions filed with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Appeal actions are filed in the following areas:

Family-Based Immigration Services

  • Writ of Mandamus on denial of Naturalization and I-130 Immigrant Petitions
  • Writ of Habeas for review/release of detainee
  • Appeal to Circuit Court of Appeals of denial by the Board of Immigration Appeals
  • Appeal to the Administrative Appeals Unit for denial of visa petitions

If you would like more information on the services we offer on Federal and Administrative Appeal matters, please send an email or call us at 405-232-2749 (Oklahoma City) or 918-949-4499 (Tulsa) to discuss your questions.