Adoption Law

Adoption law is one of the most rewarding areas of legal practice.

At Alvarez de Bennett Law, we look forward to working with clients who want to adopt a child domestically and internationally. We value working with the different agencies involved in adoption cases and work to ensure that the biological parents are adequately notified of adoption proceedings. We also connect clients with counselors who aid our clients with the joys and challenges in raising an adopted child.
For international adoptions, we assist by directing clients to proper agencies who are credited to handle such adoptions should another means not be legally available (i.e. the immigrant petition process).  It is important for families who want to adopt internationally to work with an accredited Adoption Service Provider.  For more information, please visit:

If you have any questions about adoption proceedings or are considering adoption, please send an email or call us at 405-232-2749 (Oklahoma City) or 918-949-4499 (Tulsa).

Helpful Links and Adoption Organizations: