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Alvarez de Bennett Law, P.C., is a friendly boutique law firm with a primary focus on:

At Alvarez de Bennett Law, P.C., we are driven by our compassion to find solutions to the everyday legal issues that our clients face. We have four licensed attorneys and caring legal staff who work to help clients in the best way possible. We have offices in Oklahoma City and Tulsa so that we can serve all of Oklahoma on domestic cases. We are also a fully bilingual law firm with Spanish-speaking attorneys and staff.

For immigration cases, our attorneys are licensed to practice in all Federal Immigration Courts across the 50 states and Puerto Rico, as well as handle federal appeals. By being in Oklahoma, AB Law attorneys can easily travel to immigration courts on the East and West coast. We have had the privilege of representing clients in California, Colorado, Florida, Kansas, Minnesota, Texas, Tennessee, and Puerto Rico. We also have experience with consulate cases globally (i.e. Mexico, the Philippines, Vietnam, China, Ukraine, Guatemala, Colombia, Russia, and Australia).

If you have a legal question in one of our practice areas, please contact Alvarez de Bennett Law, P.C. today by completing the Case Evaluation form on the right or by phone at:

Oklahoma City: 405-232-2749

Tulsa, OK: 918-949-4499

Toll Free: 1-855-USA-IMMIGRATE or 1-855-872-4664